Business Development Account Executive | Carolina Hurricanes, NHL

"In only 3-4 phone calls, I have seen immense progress in my professional work. Whether it's more output, revenue, touchpoints, etc., I feel more refreshed each day and confident every time I step into the office. We addressed my issues at hand and worked on new strategies, calendar time slots, 'What's Important Now - WIN', deeper focus, and a few others to better myself during my day. There is more work to be done but Joe has provided me with a new outlook and for that it's been totally worth it."


Realtor | Foundation Realty, Manitou Beach, MI

"I am so happy I worked with Joe to get my 'Focus' back! Joe does a great job of listening, offering realistic and doable suggestions, and keeping you motivated. He knows how to make it happen and has all the tools you need to get yourself back on track. I was able to clear the clutter from my office, get organized, and earn my Health Coach Certification and my Real Estate License by using the method Joe provided through Focus Solutions. Highly recommend!"


Territory Sales Representative | Strategic Marketing

"I'm grateful for all Joe and Focus Solutions, has done for me and will continue to do for me moving forward. His drive to help people become better versions of themselves is extremely impressive. Joe did a great job breaking down what seemed like an absolute massive task. I enjoyed how our weekly meetings were a conversation and collaboration, rather than someone just telling me what to do. His constant feedback and support was what I valued most. Joe not only helped me in finding my next career, but he also had a large impact on me discovering value in myself."


Attorney | Williams, Knack & Burrows, P.C., Brighton, MI

"Joe and Focus Solutions have had an astounding impact on me in less than a year. Joe’s program was the sole reason I was able to get through the early stages of the COVID shutdown without falling so far behind at work I’d still be catching up a year later. Even better, Joe’s support and guidance have given me the confidence to try new things, and to seek out what I’m passionate about. Already, he’s helped me break into a potential career field I never thought possible, and I can’t thank him enough for it. I cannot speak highly enough of Joe and the Focus Solutions program."


Substitute Teacher | EDUStaff

"Working with Joe allowed me to get my life back in order. It was pretty chaotic and having the workbook to keep me on track provided me the ability to accomplish a task each day whether that be big or small! The workbook allowed me to see all that I was accomplishing throughout the week and made me feel confident and that I was using my time wisely. 10/10 recommend Joe and Focus Solutions if you’re looking to try to get more out of your day-to-day life. This program will truly shape you into the person you dream of being, if you put in the effort! Best of all, Joe is there by your side cheering you on and giving you great advice!"


Director of Admissions | Adrian College, Adrian, MI

"In the four years I have worked for Joe, I have hit goals, broken recruitment records, experienced two promotions, and built a form of confidence I did not know I had. All of this happened as a result of guidance and developing myself through Joe's mentorship. He has given me advice and guidance over the course of four years and he has yet to steer me down the wrong path. He has a major growth mindset and is always willing to listen to those he is mentoring which then promotes his ability to empathize with others. He genuinely cares and believes in those he is coaching. Joe has taught me to wake up swinging, adapt to a more understanding and teachable mentality, as well as grow as a mentor, manager, and leader to colleagues and peers."


Senior Credit Counsellor | Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

"What I found most useful to me was Joe asking the 'hard' questions that I did not want to ask myself. Joe helped me reaffirm my ambitions and the why behind them, pushing me to work even harder to achieve and surpass all goals big and small. Joe used his own personal experiences and thoughtful activities to push me to think deeper about my personal and career goals, how to achieve them and why I want to achieve them. Joe asked thought-provoking questions which allowed me to come to a deeper understanding of myself and my purpose."


Environmental Scientist

"My experience with Joe has been profound. I have never met a more consistently positive and genuine person. I have been overwhelmed by how sincerely he wants the best for me and others and how dedicated he is to helping me and others achieve their goals. Joe has clearly studied many approaches to mentoring others and he has thoughtful tools and approaches to use for a wide range of impediments to personal growth. Joe gives of himself in ways that are deep and meaningful. His ability to remain grounded and positive is so inspiring! I recommend Joe highly to anyone looking to get past a block in their life, as well as those trying to find their path."


Full-time Mom and Student Ministry Coordinator | Birmingham First United Methodist Church, Birmingham, MI

"Joe is one of a kind. He is passionate about helping others achieve their goals and he doesn’t let small victories go unnoticed. Joe is knowledgeable, professional, and personable. Prior to working with Joe, I never had an interest in setting goals. That has since changed and my perception of setting goals and celebrating both small and large victories has changed. Ultimately, I now take time to acknowledge all the small tasks that will eventually help me achieve bigger goals. As someone who gives up easily, Joe has helped me to find solutions to overcome this and to instead appreciate the journey of reaching a goal."


Senior Admissions Counselor | Adrian College, Adrian, MI

"My experience with Focus Solutions was an awesome opportunity for me to help evaluate my anxieties and nervousness while transitioning to a new position. My weekly check-in meeting as well as new activities helped me work through confidence issues I had, but also helped me realize how confident I could be in my abilities and how the results could be impacted from this. I became more confident in my work, more confident in my life and more confident to take paths that I felt most passionate about. Joe guided me to believe in myself through tasks that made me reevaluate what was holding me back. I continue to use many of the tasks and activities learned from Joe to ensure I keep being as successful as I was when I was working with Joe weekly."


Program Manager | Hult International Business School, Cambridge, MA

"Powerful, personalized, and genuine. Joe's masterful use of storytelling helps engage and empower his clients. He says what needs to be said in order for clients to face the obstacles impeding them from reaching their goals."


Chiropractic Physician | Canton Center Chiropractic Clinic

"I was directed to Joe through an attorney friend of mine during COVID when I was not seeing my normal amount of patients and wanted to increase my social media presence. Joe helped me organize my goals into easier-to-handle tasks so I wouldn't be as overwhelmed by the entire project. We set a weekly schedule in which tasks would be completed. It was a positive experience and helped me begin to promote my business more online. Since working with Joe, I've posted much more frequently and I've collaborated with other professionals on larger projects."


Advertising and Graphic Design Student | Columbus College of Art and Design

"I think Joe is a super terrific coach. He has a lot of experience working with students and now his clients with Focus Solutions, and I think he has a lot of wisdom to pass on to future clients and students. Joe really knows me from when I attended Adrian College and he was really supportive in helping me transition to another school and continue on my path. He always has feedback on how I can get better and supports me through any uphill battles."


Financial Advisor

"I loved working with Joe! He always had a good and new suggestion every week. He helped me focus on things I never thought of before and to build a schedule around it."